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Pinchos Street Crawl

Saturday March 4th

For those staying close to Pl. Catalunya, meet next to the fountain at 7:30PM

We will take the train together. (Reference A.)

For everyone else, we will start the crawl at 8PM from Plaça dels Ocellets

Link in Google maps: (Reference B.)

Make your way to the Poble Sec metro station off the L3 line.

From there its just a straight shot down Carrer de Blai. I've highlighted a few locations to try, but there are many many more...

  • L'Atelier de Blai

  • Zodiaco

  • La Tiza BCN

  • Pincho.j

  • Taberna Blai Tonight (across from Pincho J)

  • La Tasqueta de Blai

  • Blai 9

Reference A.

Reference B.

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