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Pinchos Street Crawl

8:30PM approximate
Saturday April 27th

Meeting point we will be 8:30PM from Plaça dels Ocellets

Link in Google maps: (Reference A.)

Those attending the Barca U19A match will arrive by coach/bus after the match.

I've highlighted a few locations to try, but there are many many more... (Reference B.)

  • L'Atelier de Blai

  • Zodiaco

  • La Tiza BCN

  • Pincho.j

  • Taberna Blai Tonight (across from Pincho J)

  • La Tasqueta de Blai

  • Blai 9

Reference A.

Reference B.

Reference C.

Displaying the route on the L3 Green metro line from Pl. de Catalunya to the Poble Sec. stop.

This reference for the route to and from Pl. de Catalunya.

Reference D.

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